How to Install Oracle VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Virtualization can be a pivotal resource when studying cybersecurity, allowing for secure and controlled environments to test and learn. Oracle VirtualBox provides an optimal platform to create these virtual environments.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on installing Oracle VirtualBox on Ubuntu.


Ensure that your system meets these requirements:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 or above
  • Sudo privileges
  • Stable internet connection

Step 1: Update your System

Start by updating the package lists for upgrades and new package installations. Open Terminal and type:

sudo apt update

Step 2: Import Oracle VirtualBox Repository

To add the Oracle VirtualBox repository to your system, download and import the repository’s public key with this terminal command:

wget -O- | sudo gpg --dearmor --yes --output /usr/share/keyrings/oracle-virtualbox-2016.gpg

Add the VirtualBox repository using the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] $(lsb_release -cs) cont

Step 3: Install Oracle VirtualBox

Update the package lists again, then install VirtualBox:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install virtualbox-6.0

Replace ‘6.0’ with the version you want to install. The latest version is 6.1

Step 4: Confirm Installation

Confirm that VirtualBox has been installed correctly by typing:


A graphical user interface (GUI) should launch, confirming that VirtualBox is ready for use.

Advantages of Using Oracle VirtualBox in Cybersecurity Learning

  • Isolated Environment: VirtualBox allows for the creation of virtual machines (VMs), where you can safely conduct potentially harmful experiments without risking your main operating system.
  • Replicate Real-world Scenarios: VirtualBox lets you simulate various scenarios that mimic real-world situations. You can use multiple VMs to create a network of systems, which is great for learning about network security and penetration testing.
  • Use Multiple Operating Systems: Cybersecurity often involves handling various operating systems. VirtualBox allows you to run multiple OSs concurrently, which aids in understanding the security mechanisms of each.
  • Snapshot Feature: A significant advantage of VirtualBox is its ability to take ‘snapshots’ of a VM. This is essentially a saved state of the VM which you can revert to at any time. It allows you to go back to a known state, useful when studying malware or executing tasks that may destabilize the system.
  • Cost-effective and Efficient: Oracle VirtualBox is free and open-source. By running multiple VMs on a single physical machine, you save money and resources.

Learning cybersecurity in a safe, controlled environment is crucial, and Oracle VirtualBox provides just that. With it, you can gain hands-on experience, making your learning journey more effective and engaging.

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