OpenVAS: Installation, Configuration, Importance, and Limitations

OpenVAS Dashboard

OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System) is a powerful and widely used open-source vulnerability scanner designed to identify security weaknesses in networks and systems. It is a critical tool for organizations and security professionals to proactively assess and address vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. In this article, we will delve into the process of installing and configuring OpenVAS, explore its importance in cybersecurity, and discuss its limitations.

Tools for Network Reconnaissance and Discovery in Cybersecurity

Network Discover Tools

Network reconnaissance and discovery are pivotal components of a proactive cybersecurity strategy. By understanding the structure, devices, services, and vulnerabilities within a network, organizations can more effectively defend against potential cyber threats.

Network Exploitation, Reconnaissance & Vulnerability Engine (N.E.R.V.E)

Network Exploitation, Reconnaissance & Vulnerability Engine (n.e.r.v.e)

NERVE is a vulnerability scanner tailored to find low-hanging fruit-level vulnerabilities, in specific application configurations, network services, and unpatched services.

Script Kiddies: A Deep Dive into Their Operations and Motivations

Script Kiddies in Cybersecurity

‘Script Kiddies’ are novice hackers who lack expertise to conduct advanced hacking operations. They pose a significant threat to cybersecurity because they often employ pre-packaged hacking tools and techniques developed by more experienced hackers.

Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM): History and Advantages of the OpenVAS Fork

Vulnerability scanners are among the most crucial tools in the cybersecurity arsenal, designed to discover and analyze potential weaknesses in a system. One of the most prominent open-source options is the Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM), formerly known as Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).